Machinery Safety Systems

When the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations came into force in 1998, workers that used any machinery, appliances or tools in the line of their duties had to ensure the equipment was tested for safety. The regulations are strict but they ensure lives aren`t put in danger, as Machinery Safety Systems have to be fully checked to protect personnel. Regular inspections need to be carried out on workplace items of equipment and Machinery Safety Systems need to be fully compliant with the regulations. For companies who need help managing their Machinery Safety Systems then technical support can be found through specialists found on the Internet such as This team of safety specialists know all about Machinery Safety Systems and they can help you to upgrade your existing machinery to meet with the requirements set out by PUWER. They offer a variety of services from machinery risk assessments to the design and installation of electrical safety systems, they can commission mechanical guarding systems and they provide a project management service that is second to none. With this team of safety experts ensuring your Machinery Safety Systems are correctly adhering to the law, your employees can work safely in the knowledge that the equipment they are using is sound. To get your machines and site apparatus up-to-date with current legislations, let the engineers at check out your Machinery Safety Systems. They can get you up and running with a selection of safe appliances whilst ensuring that the legislation enforced by PUWER, is properly applied.


Certain regulations were introduced in 1998 aimed at protecting workers from equipment that wasn`t suitable for the task in hand. The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations or Puwer 98 required risk assessments to be carried on items of machinery, tools, appliances and any installation that was to be used at work. The Puwer 98 legislation ensured that health and safety was met and required companies to conduct thorough risk assessments and inspections on its equipment. Many companies, however, find that conducting their own inspections can fairly problematic so enlist outside help from specialist safety experts. Safety services can be found online with companies located on the web such as offering a number of specialised services. The engineers at Standl know Puwer 98 inside out and they can provide a detailed risk assessment, evaluate the risks, identify potential hazards and provide you with a thorough report. They can make your workers aware of Puwer 98 and ensure they are adhering to it and if you get new machinery installed in your premises they can make sure it meets all the regulations. As well as ensuring Puwer 98 is being conformed to, this technical team can design and install electrical safety systems as well as mechanical guarding systems. Then can advise on machine upgrades to meet with Puwer 98 and offer a comprehensive package to meet all of their client`s needs. Make sure that Puwer 98 is being properly met in your premises with the help of professional people who know all about safety regulations.

Risk Assessment

Carrying out a Risk Assessment on the machinery at work is all well and good if you know what you are looking for, but if you are unsure about whether your machinery meets with current legislations, then expert help should be called in to oversee the process. In 1998 the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations was enforced which meant that any appliances, tools, machinery or work installations had to be fully checked to ensure they were safe for workers to use. This involves a detailed Risk Assessment being carried out on every item of equipment to ensure the safety of the workers and for large companies this can turn into quite a mammoth task. However, companies found on the Internet such as can help with your machinery Risk Assessment and they also offer a fully professional service aimed at a number of work activities. This experienced group of engineers can ensure that the Risk Assessment carried out on your equipment is fully compliable with the PUWER legislation. What`s more they can offer advice on 'Essential Health and Safety` requirements plus the 'Harmonised European Safety Standards`. They are more than familiar with 'The Machinery Directive` and can carry out a Risk Assessment on new machinery being installed into your premises. Don`t let yourself get overwhelmed by the PUWER legislation, enlist the help of a company who can provide a perfect Risk Assessment for all your company`s machines. It`s not always easy keeping up with legal requirements but with professional help the task is far less arduous.