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Machinery Guarding

It’s difficult to know how to balance the wellbeing of your employees and the hazards of a modern workplace with running a smooth, efficient operation. You need to meet timescales and quotas, but you also have to take responsibility for the safety of your team. And, when you work with heavy or powerful machinery, these concerns become even more pronounced and the need for machine guarding safety increases.

A UK Government report found that last year 13 workers died from contact with machinery and a further 44,000 were injured. These staggering figures highlight how dangerous workplaces continue to be, even with the machinery directive and modern regulations, and it’s important that you don’t let your valued employees become another morbid statistic.

ST&L have been keeping working environments safe since 1998, and have been the consultant of choice for a number of huge household brands, so you know you can trust us to share the responsibility of maintaining a safe and productive workplace.

Save money with a bespoke safety plan

Workplace accidents are also estimated to have caused the loss of 5.5 million working days and incalculable totals in legal fees and compensation. That means the safety systems and practices that you adopt today could be the difference between financial stability or uncertainty in the future. Commissioning ST&L machinery safety service is thus an investment in both the health of your employees and the finances of your company.

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Expert care and support

You shouldn’t have to feel anxious or guilty about any of your working operations. Our team of experienced professionals can provide any kind of machinery safety measures, like planning and designing new features and operations, installing new units, and auditing existing procedures. Plus, we can train your teams in proper workplace safety conduct so you don’t have to worry.

We’ve compiled an in-depth list of all of our machinery-related safety services here so you can explore which options might be best for you. Alternatively, if this all seems a bit confusing or if you’re new to your work environment, you can contact or machinery safety consultants today to arrange an assessment so that we can design a bespoke safety plan that’s simple and easy for you to implement.

Plus, if you need any more convincing, you should know that we’re proud and respected members of, and/or accredited by:

  • IOSH (Affiliate, Tech & Grad)
  • IOSH Food & Drink Group
  • IOSH East Anglia Branch
  • BSI & BSI Plus
  • UCPD in European Machinery Safety Requirements
  • (TÜV Accredited)

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