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Maintain Machinery Safety Standards

Although PUWER outlines a set of universal requirements for employers to meet, at ST&L we also realise that every workplace is unique and needs to meet machine safety standards in its own way. That’s why we work closely with our clients and try to establish lasting partnerships, so that we can understand your individual needs and develop bespoke safety solutions and best practices.

Development of Personalised Safety Plans

Because we’re an independent consultant, we can tailor our approaches to the specific requirements of every client. That means, unlike other consultants, we won’t try to apply a blanket, one-size-fits-all approach to your company, as it may not be what you need.

Plus, we don’t have affiliations with any manufacturers or suppliers so there’s no hidden agenda in what we do, and we’re more than happy to work with whichever is your preferred safety system to meet machine safety standards.

Employee support and training

We also try to support your company by working closely with staff and trying to understand their existing practices and approaches. Once we’ve finished our assessments, we can run training seminars to help your team comfortably incorporate best practices into their existing methods and stay mindful of potential risks.