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CE Certification Specialists

Since 1995, all machines sold in the European Economic Area (EEA) must comply with safety standards outlined in the Machinery Directive. It’s imperative that your machines also meet these requirements so that you can earn the CE Marking (for European Conformity). CE certification is vital

ST&L can support you at every stage of the CE Marking process. Not only will we carry out CE Risk Assessments and inspections to determine whether you meet the criteria, we can also provide you with advice and information to help you improve your standards, and help you compile the necessary technical files.

CE Marking – Authorised representatives

Because we act as an authorised representative within the EEA, if we judge that you meet the requirements we can issue a Declaration of Conformity and affix your CE marking. With such a comprehensive package available from our skilled team, there’s no reason to rely on anyone else!

For any further information on CE Certification and the Machinery Directive, or to schedule an assessment, make sure to get in touch, or give us a call today. Our experienced team are on standby to answer any questions you may have, and to plan a personalised strategy for your company to meet regulations.

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