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User/Supplier Interface

If the machinery that’s been supplied to you is not held to the same stringent standards as the rest of your operations, then your ethical, legal – and thus, financial – integrity may be compromised. That means sometimes it isn’t enough just to responsibly install your equipment and enact best practices in your workplace.

But don’t worry, at ST&L we make sure that machinery safety is of the highest quality and consistency all the way through the supply chain, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with the oversight or carelessness of your suppliers and manufacturers for your user supplier interface.

Comprehensive guidance and advice

As part of our service, we offer advice and guidance on how to work with machine and component suppliers to guarantee that you only work with the highest quality and most reliable equipment.

Our advice and consultancy spans a comprehensive range of regulations and standards like The Machinery Directive, PUWER 98, and Harmonised European Standards. Other rules we advise on include:

For more information on user supplier interface safety, or to arrange a consultancy meeting, please give us a call or send us a message today and we can arrange a visit at your earliest convenience.