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Machine Safety Testing & Inspection

It’s essential that you take steps to detect any early signs of machinery deterioration before they develop into more dangerous or costly issues and compromise the safety and productivity of your workforce.

Our main focus is ensuring that your working machinery is operated, adjusted, and maintained safely, but we also strive to report, track, and remedy any visible deterioration that we detect so that the health and safety of your team is safeguarded with the Machinery Directive.

Comprehensive safety assessments

Our engineers are trained to check for any and all signs of deterioration, and their testing processes include:

  • Guard and Interlock Functional Testing
  • Validation to EN 13849 & EN 62061
  • Lightguard Testing
  • HSG180 1999 – The Application of Electro-Sensitive Protective Equipment Employing Light Curtains and Light Beam Devices to Machinery (Formerly PM41)

If you are at all concerned about wear or deterioration to your working machinery, contact us today to arrange an inspection. Oversight or negligence may result in serious accidents or legal incidents in the future, so it’s always better to err on the side of caution and make sure your equipment is held to the highest standards of safety and efficiency.