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PLC Software

Technology continues to offer employers many ways to revolutionise their working process in terms of safety, reliability and efficiency. One of the innovative, high-tech solutions we offer as part of our services at ST&L is PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) software.

A PLC, or Programmable Controller, is essentially a digital computer that can be used to monitor and control manufacturing processes like assembly lines and robotic devices. It offers numerous advantages for any process or activity that requires high reliability control, ease of programming, or process fault diagnosis.

Stay up to date with our tech experts

More and more workplaces are beginning to rely on beneficial PLC technology, and ST&L can help you keep up and stay informed. We can write, modify, and develop a range of PLC software and deliver a system that’s tailor-made for the needs of your facility. Our engineers can write software on any platform, although they specialise in Siemens S7 and Allen Bradley Control Logix.

Once installed, we can train your Maintenance Engineer in the proper use of the software and applications we recommend so that you can fully utilise all the advantages it offers and have an expert on hand to remedy any issues.

Simple and reliable safety support

If this all sounds a bit complicated, trust us – it’s not. Far from complicating things, PLC technologies simplify the whole production process by increasing control and reliability, and by allowing you to identify and diagnose faults as and when they arise.

Transform any workplace with this innovative solution

Plus, PLC software can yield untold benefits for any kind of workplace. Over our 20-year career, we have recommended a variety of PLC solutions for employers in a vast array of industries, including:

  • Bottling
  • Packaging
  • Food
  • Machinery
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Print Industries
  • Aerospace
  • MOD
  • Engine Manufacture

We understand that these kinds of high-tech solutions can seem intimidating at first, but they can also revolutionise the efficiency of your facility and offer enhanced protection for your employees. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about our innovative PLC systems and what they can do for your company. Call or message us today and we can advise you on a bespoke plan and arrange for an engineer to visit your facility.