Electro-Sensitive Protective Equipment Awareness Training

Course Synopsis

ESPEs (more commonly known as light guards or light curtains) provide protection for staff when working around machinery. However without a good knowledge of how they operate and their limitations, they can sometimes present a false sense of protection.

This 1/2 day awareness course is designed to give you an understanding of how ESPEs operate and how they should be installed to comply with European and International standards to give the best protection possible. The course will also provide guidance of how to maintain and periodically test them.

All our courses are delivered by fully trained and qualified lecturers with a wealth of knowledge and experience in their given fields.


On completion of this course attendees will have an understanding of:

  • General Requirements for ESPE
  • Control Systems
  • Muting Signals
  • Reset Controls
  • Mute Indicator Beacon
  • Safety Distances in accordance with EN 13855
  • Training room demonstration of an ESPE
  • Site Practical training on existing ESPEs installed on site.
  • Routine Testing

Where will the course be held?

This course can be held at a location, venue and time that suits you. The number of delegates can range from 1 – 12.

Who should attend?

  • Health and Safety Practitioners
  • Engineering Managers and Engineering Supervisors
  • Engineers
  • Team Leaders
  • Technicians
  • Operators

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