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Why our Client Made Contact with ST&L:

The Client had recently instigated a corporate MACHINERY SAFETY INITIATIVE. This initiative had been developed to identify the business requirement to assess and implement improvements to machinery safety within The Client’s Sites Worldwide. To operate safely and effectively and to comply with current legislation and company initiatives, The Client needed to implement a strategy to manage the identification, assessment and risk reduction for any installed machine or equipment, and if required implement protective guarding and interlocking to the current legislative standards, effectively supporting the achievement of ISO 18001 and making the workplace a safer place to be.

The Client identified that their machinery across their UK sites had never been subjected to assessments against The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER). Several Machinery Safety Expert Companies were called in by the Client and ask to present their company and credentials. ST&L won the contract based on their technical knowledge, management of PUWER assessments and their experience with designing practical solutions for machinery guarding and safety-related control system improvements.

Project Objectives

  • Implement a strategy to manage the assessment, risk reduction and control of hazards for all plant machinery.
  • Undertake a PUWER gap analysis of all machinery and equipment assets and develop a risk-based action plan for implementation.
  • Investigate risk reduction opportunities, facilitate solutions and audit effectiveness.
  • Conduct PUWER and machinery risk assessments and implement a management system for installed work equipment risk control.
  • Design and manage the installation of machinery guarding for specific high risk identified assets.

Scope of Works

  • Provisional walk round UK sites to identify high-risk plant and machinery in order to prioritise which areas should be subjected to a PUWER Assessment and provide a report.
  • Carry out PUWER assessments and due-diligence check of electrical control panels on the highest priority plant and machinery and provide reports with priority levels for corrective actions.
  • Present findings and gap-analysis to the Client.
  • Liaison with the client to develop a project plan for implementation of corrective actions.
  • Development of a series of Statement of Requirement (SOR) documents outlining the proposed design of the guarding, interlocking and access solutions.

  • Presentation of the SORS to the Client with Project, Engineering, H&S and Operational personnel.
  • Update and final sign-off of SORs.
  • Quotations produced for corrective actions.
  • Design, manufacture, install and commission final solutions
  • Provide Technical File
  • Planning implementation of final PUWER assessment sign-off