CE Marking

All machines sold in the European Economic Area (EEA) from January 1st 1995, must comply with the Machinery Directive and be safe. There are few exclusions to the Directive making this one of the most significant of all the New Approach Directives.

The Machinery Directive

The scope of the Machinery Directive defines a machine as the following:

  • An assembly of linked parts of components, at least one of which moves, with the appropriate actuators, control and power circuits, joined together for a specific application, in particular for the processing, treatment, moving or packaging of a material.
  • An assembly of machines which, in order to achieve the same end, are arranged and controlled so that they function as an integral whole;
  • Attachments that are sold separately from the main machine and designed to be changed regularly by the operator.
Safety components for machinery, described as:

  • Components which are supplied separately to fulfill a safety function when in use and the failure or malfunctioning of which endangers the safety or health of exposed persons. 

Obtaining a CE Mark for your machinery

There are 5 main steps to CE Marking a machine. They are:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Essential Health and Safety Requirements (EHSR)
  • Technical File
  • Declaration of Conformity
  • Affix CE Marking

For most machinery (other than those listed in Annex IV of the Directive), the compliance route is Self-Declaration. Machinery that is listed in Annex IV has to be approved by a Notified Body.

ST&L Limited is not a Notified Body for The Machinery Directive, however, where the compliance route is Self-Declaration, we can complete the conformity assessment procedure.

How we can help you obtain CE Marking

ST&L Limited can assist with all stages of the CE Marking process including:·

  • Providing advice and information
  • Carrying out inspections
  • Providing Risk Assessments
  • Ensuring compliance with the EHSR’s and EN Standards
  • Compiling Technical Files
  • Issuing the Declaration of Conformity
  • Acting as the Authorised representative within the EEA
For suppliers based outside of the EEA, ST&L Limited can act as the ‘responsible person’ within the EEA by holding a copy of the Technical File and signing the Declaration of Conformity on their behalf.