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The Benefits of PLC Software

ST & L|12/08/2023

PLC software, or programmable logic controller software, is a software-based computer system that controls automated industrial processes. This can include machinery used in manufacturing, assembly lines, traffic control and more. PLC software is programmed to perform a sequence of tasks triggered by certain inputs, and is designed to stand up to use in harsh industrial environments. So, what industries are you most likely to find PLC software in, and what are the benefits?

Uses for PLC Software

You can use PLCs in a wide range of applications. Here are some of the areas you are likely to find them in:


PLCs monitor the quality and quantity of raw materials in the kiln. This will make sure that you only mix the best materials to create a high quality product.


You can use PLCs to control machines that produce books, newspapers and more at high speeds.


Because making glass is an elaborate process, you can use PLCs to control the ratio of raw material used as well as processing glass products.


You can use PLCs to monitor safety control systems, operate automatic doors and lifts and more.

Traffic Control

PLCs can often be used to control traffic lights and any computerised road signals.

You can find PLCs in many other industries such as in hospitals, food production, the energy sector and more. You can even find them in domestic settings such as in washing machines and other computerised appliances.

Benefits of PLC Software

There are several benefits to using PLC software in your workplace:

  • They are easy to integrate into any existing network you may have. This means you will not have to waste precious time reprograming the system to accept the software.
  • We design these systems to withstand use in heavy industrial settings, and carry out processes safely even in environments with extreme temperatures, high humidity and loud noises and vibrations.
  • PLC systems can automate a range of processes to work faster, longer and with less wastage, which will lead to greater productivity overall.
  • Because PLC systems are self-contained they end up saving space where other systems may require entire rooms to store the hardware.
  • All information is centrally stored on the PLC system and can be accessed from anywhere on the network. This also means that projects can run more smoothly without having to access information from multiple sources.
  • You will find that PLC systems are easy to troubleshoot and repair if something goes wrong. This way you will spend less time checking components to find where the problem lies.
  • Finally, we design PLC systems with strict security measures that will protect all your information.

Using ST&L

If you are looking for a high quality, bespoke PLC software program for your workplace then ST&L can help you. We have been providing a range of solutions that help workplaces reach their full potential for over 20 years. Our expert team are on hand to help build a PLC system that will suit your needs with full ongoing support should any issues come up. For more details about our programmable logic controller software please contact us online or via phone.